Dyno graph - December 2002 81.17kW / 539.1Nm Torque


NGK Iridium plugs
Penzoil 10w40 oil
Repco RZ158 oil filter (larger than normal)
K&N Panel filter
3" air intake (from passengers fog light hole)
Cat removed
7mm Ignition leads (TRD maybe)
Higher Pressure Radiator Cap (1.1)


5x Avanati Contour 17" mags, with Dunlop FM901 205x40x17 rubber
Lucas brake pads
King springs -superlow front springs, low rear springs
Nolathae sway bar bushes and new swaybar links
35% VLT tinted windows
Dynatron 5 star alarm with keyless entry (central locking)
Remote controlled petrol cap/flap
Door locks and mechanism removed
Radiator Grill modified


Custom boot install (carpe'ted)
3 stage shift lights
VVT Switch and light Remote mounted tweeters (in sails front and rear)
Custom made carseat covers


Pioneer DEHP8250 Headunit (1 bit d/a, 4v tripple pre-out)
Pioneer 6" 1/2' Bass Bullet Front Components
Pioneer 5" 1/4' Bass Bullet Rear Components
1 Farid Digitial Cap
Sony XM604 (4 channel -with eq) Amplifier (for components)
Pheonix Gold Amp (2 channel) for sub
Audio Strada Amp (2 channel) for bass shakers
Pioneer TSW1200DVC -Dual Voice Coil, Bass Bullet Sub
4 x Bass Shakers (2 under each front seat)
4 Gauage Cable with 100amp circuit breaker
NS70 Battery (Light commercial deep cycle)

Updated 14 Mar 2008